Patrick Sedlander
Graphic Design Project Manager

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  • Spends time with his beautiful wife Elyse

  • Plays with his lovable dog Tyrion and cat Wilkens

  • Loves the outdoors and rock climbing with friends

  • Experiments with cooking and trying new foods

  • Travels to new and adventurous places

  • Enjoys a good museum

About this Bright Light

Patrick is driven by his passion for creativity to constantly learn and explore. He utilizes print and typography, digital and web as his creative outlets. With strong organizational skills, keen attention to details and excellent communications skills, Patrick serves as both a designer and project manager, guiding projects through their development lifecycles, delivering final products on time and above client expectations.

When Patrick isn't designing, he can be found spending time with his wife exploring new places and tasting or cooking diverse cuisine, loving on his dog and cat, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, or maybe indulging in the occasional Netflix binge, too.
  • Education

  • University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) – Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Minor: Print Media