Creative inspiration comes in all forms

At A. Bright Idea, we thrive in our creative playground so in the end, we deliver results for our clients.


Building on the strength of our diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we fully embrace our culture of collaboration. It’s how the creative roles of many directly impact our clients and team in a positive way.

Anita Brightman
Founder and CEO
T.J. Brightman
Chad Schwartz-Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer
Cobey Dietrich
Executive Vice President Verbal and Visual Communications
Melissa Mauldin
Vice President of Verbal Communications
Katie MacNichol
Director of Strategic Marketing
Teri O’Neal
Director of Public Relations
Kristie Sheppard
Senior Communications Specialist/Proposal Manager
Gay Pinder
Senior Communications Specialist
Shawn Nesaw
Verbal/Visual Communications Specialist
Cari Ashkin
Communications Specialist
Megan Olson
Assistant Director of Advertising
Michelle Griffin
Health Publications Editor, NIDA
Gina Fabiano
Senior Communications Specialist
Molly Natchipolsky
Health Publication Copy Editor NIDA
Chris Fitzgerald
Lisa Condon
Senior Director of Graphic Services
Brian Lobsinger
Senior Director of Brand & Web Development
Matthew Benedict
Production Coordinator/Copywriter
Jamie Abell
PR Specialist
Danielle Rothouse
Media Buyer/Planner
Alison Tagliaferri
Assistant Director of Visual Communications
Eric Bach
Director of Video Creative
LeAnne Eck
Interactive Designer/Interactive Team Lead
Jessy Weiss
Senior Graphic Designer/Internal Brand & Social Media Manager
Robyn Koenig
Graphic Design Specialist
Nate Keezer
Videographer & Multimedia Specialist
Corey Warnick
Web Developer
Patrick Sedlander
Graphic Design Specialist
Emily Hennegan
Graphic Design Specialist
Steven Watson
Programming Communications Specialist
Tasha Scotto Di Carlo
Graphic Design Specialist
Brian Foy
Graphic Design Specialist
Sam Karolenko
Video and Animation Specialist
Peter Roberts
Video Editor/Videographer
Katie Bouloubassis
Communications Specialist/ Administrative Assistant
Kristy Curry
Executive Administrative Assistant
Rose Brightman
Office Manager
A. Bright Idea Office

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