Calling all purple uni-squirrels!
This might sound like the set-up to a fairytale, but we promise it’s a true story and we’re looking for new creatives with magical virtues to join our team!


Whether you’re a purple squirrel with the perfect experience and skills to fit a specific role, or a unicorn who possess a unique set of qualities that make you extremely valuable and rare, or a combination of both, we want to see the magic and wonder you could bring to A. Bright Idea.

Are you the candidate of our dreams? Let’s see if you pass our test:
  • I have the ability to nimbly jump into multiple projects and never drop the details.
  • I offer a full rainbow of expertise in creative and strategic communications
  • I thoroughly enjoy working with fellow dazzling creatives of varying backgrounds and experiences.
  • I shine (and/or sparkle) when working with clients.
  • I wear many hats and have an out-of-this-world ability to fit into any role.
  • I enjoy having a busy schedule, with the ability to move so quickly that it appears I can fly (okay, we know, that’s a uni-pegasus).
If you answered 'yes' to these questions, it’s time you joined the enchanted land of A. Bright Idea, where we embrace creative collaborators who possess a passion for perfection. You’ll be free to thrive in a creative playground, where we support and respect new ideas and deliver results for our clients.

Our team of "Bright Lights" are busy working on the next big thing. If you’ve got the magic and want to contribute on all aspects of creative communications, connect with us! Those fearful of excitement, hard work and big rewards, need not apply.

Find out if you’re a purple uni-squirrel!

  • Rank your top skills that make you the ideal candidate of our dreams.