Top 10 Yard Sale Finds


Creativity and inspiration can come from the unexpected sometimes. The summer months offer up the best unexpected discoveries in the form of yard sales. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So while some clean out their closets and garages, here’s a look at our top 10 yard sale inspirations.

1. Old print or letter press

We are a creative shop so this is the ultimate find for our designers with their love of quality paper and craftsmanship.

2. Historical pictures and portraits

These range from famous people, familiar places or just neat shots to use as art around the house on in the office. Plus, there’s something alluring about the untold stories.

3. Hometown classics

For you Baltimoreans out there, anything from the Baltimore Colts or Orioles remains an instant must-have, or even keepsakes or interesting finds from the Domino Sugar factory and National Bohemian –some of Baltimore’s most famous brands.

4. Books

From children’s books to American classics, yard sale books provide the perfect nostalgia. Check out how the children’s book Dick and Jane inspired this illustrated invitation for a local nonprofit.

5. Home decor

The craftsmanship and stories behind unique or era pieces make them a great accent at our office, conversation starter or starting point for our sketchbooks.

6. Instruments and music

Finding old albums, records or classic music can be fun for kids and adults. For our creative team, the perfect tune or unique melody can be truly inspiring toward our next big idea.

7. Vintage cameras and photography equipment

Gain perspective of the past with vintage photography equipment, including cameras, flashes, lighting, film and processing materials. Who knows, you may find your old camera has undeveloped film with pictures lost in time!

8. Sports equipment

Great finds for teaching new sports to children, playing around in the backyard, or advertising campaigns. Keep an eye out for pogo sticks, tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, goals, pads and bikes!

9. Handbags

Ladies, you can find brands including Coach and Louis Vuitton at yard sales for pennies on the dollar – what a deal! Vintage bags often tote a strong combination of colors and patterns, making each unique and personalized toward an individual personality!

10. Furniture

Nothing is more inspiring than a comfy couch. You never know where you’ll find that next piece of furniture you can’t live without. Our own chill area features soft, green leather to help keep the ideas flowing.

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