Top 10 Overused Marketing Terms


We’ve all heard them – the marketing lingo and phrases that are anything but innovative. In hopes of helping you spot these overused marketing terms, we’re calling them out and providing some fresh alternatives to make your copy clear, concise and relevant.

1. State-of-the-art –noun – forward looking, unconventional

A term used since the 80s, it’s still cliché today.

Alternatives – breakthrough, first of its kind

2. Unique –adjective – unshared by others

There are a number of things that make something different. Just use a new        word to describe it.

Alternatives – exclusive, rare, incomparable

3. Experts –noun – person skilled in a particular area

Unless you have “expert” in your title, try to use a different term to describe your experience.

Alternatives – ace, consultant, specialist, savant

4. New Media –noun – media emerging above traditional options, using technology advancements

It’s not new anymore now is it!

Alternatives – grassroots, social, interactive or evolving media

5. Personalize –verb – to perceive as different

Everyone can make something their own, but what makes your own better than someone else’s?

Alternatives – distinguish, define, specialized

6. Specialty –noun – a distinctive mark, state or condition

You offer incomparable services and want to be recognized for them, so make them incomparable with a new marker.

Alternatives – forte, calling, thumbprint

7. Quality –adjective – characteristic or feature describing a product or service

One person’s level of quality can be completely different than another’s, so try describing what your quality means to the end user in terms of benefits.

Alternatives – superior, genuine, enriched

8. Leader/Leading –noun – guide or influence

Everything has a leader, so make yours stand out by giving them a more influential title.

Alternatives – spearhead, motivating, director, chief

9. Creative –adjective – something artistic and imaginative

Clarify your creativity by describing what it is that makes it creative.

Alternatives – inspired, visionary, clever

10. Cutting-edge –adjective – forefront or leading initiative, idea, product, service, etc.

Unless you are inventing something completely new and different, it’s likely NOT cutting-edge.

Alternatives – new take, upgrade

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