Shawn Nesaw

Top 10 Fall TV Shows

It’s that time again – fall television has premiered and of course, A. Bright Idea has the top 10 shows of this season. So grab some popcorn, pull out a blanket and take a look at what made our must-watch list!
1. Glee
We’re a bunch of creative minds, so naturally Glee made the number one spot with this team. Considered a musical comedy-drama, Glee showcases an odd bunch of characters that like to sing – what’s not to love about that! Plus, you never know what musical legend might be featured next.
2. Modern Family
Mix-match family, spilling all their drama on TV (and it’s not a reality show) = mockumentary. This new type of show is a crowd pleaser at ABI for its hysterical situations and awkward family tree. And let’s be honest – it helps us all feel a little more normal at the end of the day!
3. The Office
An obvious hit with the guys, The Office continues to be a top contender with its quirky cast and witty improvs. Plus, after a long day of working who doesn’t love to come home and watch a bunch of people on TV, uh, working?!
4. Grey’s Anatomy
Filled with drama, medicine, awful circumstances, an A-list cast and, of course, Dr. McDreamy, Grey’s is a must watch with the romantics and excitement lovers alike. On any given week, a main character may be dying, a shooter may be roaming the hospital or somebody may be getting married  – which is exactly why you just can’t miss it!
5. The Event
A new one you may not have seen yet, but trust us, you want to get into this show! Focused on flashbacks, so far the series tells the story of kidnapping, murder and government assassination. The Event definitely has potential – be sure to give it a chance!
6. Dancing with the Stars
Okay, we couldn’t resist a little reality TV thrown in here. All you need to know is the cast this season includes The Situation, Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey. Quite a hodge-podge, don’t you think? That’s what makes it so fun!
7. Dexter
Didn’t you go through a stage where you wanted to grow up to be a blood spatter-pattern analyst? Okay, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get sucked into this show after the first episode! This drama focuses on a police department employee, who moonlights as a serial killer. But don’t worry, he’s the good kind of serial killer, you know, the kind that only kills other killers. Hey, we didn’t say it wasn’t twisted!
8. Boardwalk Empire
You may not have heard of this series yet but it’s turning out to be a great show, focusing on the birth, high times and corruption of Atlantic City. Sound similar to The Sopranos? That’s because it’s written and produced by The Sopranos’ Terence Winter!
9. Hawaii Five-O
An oldie comes back for another run, but don’t shut it down just yet, you may be surprised! This fictional state police force hits the streets of Hawaii once again to rid the islands of crime. Sun, sand and police drama – it doesn’t get much better than that!
10. Criminal Minds
Back for its sixth season, Criminal Minds hits the airwaves this fall with crazier cases than ever before. If you’re getting sick of all those crime shows out there, it’s worth considering that this series focuses more on the criminal and less on the crime – setting it apart from the others. Word of caution: this show is not for those who scare easily.
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