Shawn Nesaw

Heart-shaped figures, winged Cupids and chocolates galore only signify one important day a year – Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a creative way to make this day stand out for your loved one, don’t fret, we have some ideas for you!
1. Make them hunt it out
Create a scavenger hunt to find a gift with clues based on highlights of your relationship. Include important milestones and special memories, ultimately leading to a special gift that represents your relationship together.
2. First date memoir
Remember where it all started with a black and white picture of where you first met, print it and frame it to match your personalities. Be sure to display the print where you can walk past it each day and smile.
3. Candy without the calories
For your loved one, create a heart shaped box out of paper that looked like a candy box, and instead of candy, take strips of 1/2″ x 5″ paper and put answers to the phrase “I love you because…” on each one. Then roll them up and arranged them in the box to look like pieces of candy.
4. A man’s equivalent to flowers
Ladies, do something special for the man in your life this year for Valentine’s Day. Order his favorite pizza online and have it delivered to him at work at lunchtime.
5. Growing jewelry
This year start a tradition with a piece of jewelry you can build on each year – a string of pearls or a charm bracelet. It will turn into a great memory and family tradition you can pass along for generations.
6. Favorite carry out paired with a classic movie
Relax this year and take it back to the basics with your favorite carry out, curled up on the couch with a warm fire and a classic movie you both enjoy. Sometimes the simple things make the best date.
7. A twist on chocolate
Put a spin on the traditional Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts with hot chocolate on a stick. Pour a warm glass of milk and dip your chocolate to make a unique cup of hot chocolate. Sip and enjoy together.
8. Last minute getaway
Be spontaneous and take a few nights for just the two of you. Stay close to home or go across the country, make it something new and exciting that you can experience and remember together.
9. Calling all kids
Work with the kids to make a special surprise for your special someone. Anything from handmade jewelry for mom or heart-shaped treats for dad make the perfect gift to pull the family together on this loving day.
10. Take advantage of the weather
With the recent winter storm trends, get outside with your loved one and hit the slopes or go snow tubing at a ski or golf resort – complete with a lift. It’s a fun way to get outdoors and save on money, too!