Jamie Nola
Jamie Nola, Interactive Programmer, experiencing his very first snowball

Of course, it’s been a typical Maryland summer over here on the East Coast – humid, humid and more humid! No worries though, A. Bright Idea to the rescue with the best snowball flavors you just have to try – and take a sweater because you’ll be cooled off in no time with these top picks!

1. Egg Custard
Yes, it sounds weird, but this classic is a winner in our books. After all, our own Jamie Nola chose this flav for his very first snowball experience. PS – he’s in his 20’s and had never had a snowball – can you believe it?!

2. Spearmint
Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Spearmint will have you feeling so refreshed and ready to conquer the nasty heat after the first bite.

3. Sky Light (with marshmallow)
Brings you back to childhood, huh? We thought so too! Plus, who doesn’t love blue lips after a nice big snowball? We’ve got to give a shout out to Linda Jennings Hawes for sharing this timeless pick with us via Facebook.

4. Cherry
For all you plain-Jane’s out there, this one had to make the top list. Just remember, when there’s too many choices, Cherry is always a safe fall back!

5. Chocolate (with marshmallow)
Just think Oreo Cookie and take a bite!

6. Fuzzy Navel
Really, they couldn’t just call it Peach? We think this made the Top 10 just because the name is fun!

7. Ice Cream
For those who are watching their weight, Ice Cream flavor is the perfect way to stay lean but still indulge.

8. Pink Lemonade
It’s a classic that’s frozen. It’s just that simple.

9. Pina Colada
This is the snowball flavor for those “Oh man, I wish it was 5 o’clock” moments. With this pick, it’s always island time.

10. Sour Apple
If you’re looking for an adventure, go with this list-topper. You’ll get a kick in the mouth and a refreshing feel all at once!

If you missed out on giving your two cents for this month’s Top 10, no worries, we’ve got another one coming in September. Keep an eye out – we’re looking for your favorites too!


Has last minute planning left you in a crunch for summer vacation details? Check out some of the places A. Bright Idea creatives have been and will be going this summer. We bet you’ll be inspired!

1. Barcelona, Spain


What’s better than a taste of the Mediterranean with a Spanish flare? While in this spectacular city, don’t miss the beaches, music festivals, dancing, excursions, shopping and nightlife.

2. Disney World, Florida


Does this one even need a reason? Take the kids to see all their movie favs and step back to your younger days with a magical trip to the wonderful world of Disney. Limited ages 0-99.

3. Cozumel, Mexico


Sun, sand and always a drink in arms reach – need we say more?

4. New York City, New York


Lights, camera and shopping, shopping, shopping! The only thing you need to take with you on this vacation is a lot of caffeine and a large memory card for the camera.

5. Paris, France


It’s all about cuisine, history and site seeing at this European destination. Don’t miss out on the Cathedral of Notre Dame, The Louvre, and make sure to bring us back some Crepes, please!

6. Manchester, Vermont


Experience a taste of American history in this New England state while exploring historical architecture, beautiful landscapes and rich culture.

7. Kingston, Jamaica


Take a trip to the island, mon and get into the reggae spirit while enjoying the arts and cultural landscape of Jamaica’s epicenter.

8. Ocean City, Maryland


Maryland’s number one beach destination spotlights miles of beautiful beach, hundreds of unique eateries serving up Chesapeake favorites and boardwalk shopping and rides, all tied together with the quickest drive to vacation-time.

9. Chicago, Illinois


Not just home of Mr. Pres, the Windy City also has everything you could ask for on a vacation – beaches, nightlife, shopping and of course the best deep dish pizza you’ll ever find.

10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


As one of the biggest beach destinations on the east coast, you won’t be bored with everything this town has to offer. From people watching and sun bathing, to shopping and mini golf, the whole family will love this one.

Stay tuned next month for another ABI Top 10 list!