Shawn Nesaw

Before Ann, Kathy Lee and Hoda, the TODAY show had Margaret Larson, Florence Henderson and Lee Meriwether pioneering the role of woman in broadcast journalism. If you caught some of this morning’s broadcast of the TODAY show, then you already know the popular network program proudly celebrated its 60-year anniversary on-air this morning. Today’s program specifically highlighted the original women of the TODAY show, formally called “TODAY Girls.”
They weren’t just popular for their looks and wit, but these women pioneers were some of the first in the industry to make it on screen with important journalistic responsibilities, including weather, lifestyle and news segments. In fact, the men of the industry were sure women wouldn’t make it on network television, yet opted to compromise by allowing these women to appear on the morning news, a new program concept the men were sure no one would actually watch.
As one of the first co-anchors of the TODAY show – before she was even officially given the title – Barbara Walters also explained today about how she initially compromised on her role in conducting interviews and was allowed to ask the fourth question, Perhaps that’s how Walters learned to make her questions count by asking the tough ones.
Now it’s 60-years later, the original TODAY Girls, along with Walters and the female anchors to follow, made the show what it is today and are yet another example of pioneering women we salute here at A. Bright Idea.