Shawn Nesaw

Although it’s only a short drive from Baltimore, I only just recently experienced New York City. With everything my family and I crammed into one day, the NYC I expected with amazing advertising displaying the latest in trends across all industries didn’t disappoint. After all, we just used one of those flashy, awe-inspiring digital billboards in Times Square to promote a client initiative, so I understand the power of advertising in the Big Apple.
Still, I couldn’t help but wonder how Times Square’s advertising has evolved over the decades. Technology has driven much of the change, but Times Square has always been on the cutting edge. So, in a tribute to the big lights in the big city, let’s take a look back at advertising as it’s evolved over the decades!

Moving from small, black and white print advertising in the 1950s to color in the ‘80s and electronic, animated, eclectic imagery today, advertising delivery has certainly evolved over the years. It’s exciting to be on the front lines and developing new ways to use technology to communicate messages and promote brands for clients. I’m sure there will be bigger and better opportunities in 2011!