Shawn Nesaw

In the Thanksgiving spirit, this month’s top 10 list focuses on the items we, at A. Bright Idea, are most thankful for this year. We hope all of our clients, community members, family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  1. Strong family

Not only the family at home, we’re also thankful for our work family. We laugh together, we cry together, we fight and we love each other like family!

  1. Good friends

We often say our clients are like friends and it really is true here at A. Bright Idea. This year, we’re thankful for all of our clients, you are our friends.

  1. Health and babies

In 2011 the next generation of A. Bright Idea creative talent was born with staff babies including Matthew Mauldin, Jr. and Silas Maxton Dietrich.

  1. Community relationships

After another year of supporting organizations such as the William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund, the Harford County Public Library Foundation and Sonoma Valley Teen Services, we truly cherish the organizations within our community that help others and we’re thankful for the opportunity to support their efforts.

  1. New clients

This year we’ve been grateful in welcoming our new clients, including Highview Memorial Gardens, Power Cleaning, Sonoma Valley Teen Services, RoarITech, Live Well Family Chiropractic, Delaware Restaurant Association, St. Francis Winery, Upper Chesapeake Health and Harford County Public Schools.

  1. Creative talent

Our growing team of talented professionals – the people that make A. Bright Idea – are something we’re very grateful for this year! Their out-of-the-box thinking continues to wow.

  1. Growing in new areas

With our office in Sonoma, California and expansion in Bel Air, we’re thankful for creative space and new neighbors!

  1. Technology

Where would we be without technology? We’re so thankful for our iPhones, computers and Internet, not to mention the people who know how to make them work!

  1. Inspiration

At A. Bright Idea, those “ah ha” moments are what we live for and we’re so thankful for each and every one!

  1. Coffee

This is an obvious one! We’re thankful for the coffee that gave us the extra jolt to write this blog.

Shawn Nesaw

Black Friday. We all know it as the day after Thanksgiving, filled with tons of shopping and way too much spending. But, do you where the name comes from – before it was known as the day when merchants made it to the “black?” The original phrase, “Black Friday,” was used to describe heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the streets of Philadelphia, signifying the start of the Christmas shopping season. In memory of this, we’ve put together the ABI Top 10 can’t miss Black Friday hot spots!
1. Kohl’s

  • Open – 3 a.m.
  • Big deals – Jewelry, home décor

2. Macy’s

  • Open – 4 a.m.
  • Big deals – Men’s wear

3. Toys R Us

  • Open – 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night
  • Big deals – Toys (obviously!)

4. Target

  • Open – 4 a.m.
  • Big deals – DVDs, outerwear, kids toys

5. Best Buy

  • Open – 5 a.m.
  • Big deals – Cameras, TVs, video games

6. Home Depot

  • Open – Not yet released! Keep an eye out
  • Big deals – Fixtures, power tools

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Open – We hear it’s opening at 5 a.m. but they are still trying to keep it top secret but they’ll have to let the cat out of the bag soon!
  • Big deals – Sports equipment, outerwear, hunting gear

8. Sears

  • Open – Open on Thanksgiving day (Really!)
  • Big deals – Appliances

9. Old Navy

  • Open – Midnight
  • Big deals – Clothes, clothes and more clothes

10. Staples

  • Open – 6 a.m.
  • Big deals – Computers, calendars/planning products

And don’t forget about Cyber Monday for great online shopping deals! Be sure to let us know the great buys you find this year. See you again for a new Top 10 in December!