Shawn Nesaw

1. Custom Design Approach
Always our passion, we predict an increase in custom illustration and photography when it comes to graphic design. Like we’ve said for years, stock imagery can be used by all and doesn’t evoke the same attention or connection that a hand drawn look can bring. See if you can spot the added touches and effects of illustration and photography through advertising and marketing collateral this year.
2. Growth in Half Off Deals
Don’t count Groupon, Living Social or Restaurant Deals out just yet. Some reports say the fad may be dying down but we can see these consumer favorites keeping up with their historic growth through 2012. The consistent growth in popularity should be recognized as a mentality of the audience. People do love a good deal!
3. Targeted advertising
You think you connect with ads now but just wait for this year’s interactive advertising, complete with features including 3D interaction, audience response and demographic-specific advertising everywhere you look, including your Google mail, web browser, cell phone and more. Watch what you search because a simple vacation browse will leave you open to tourism and travel agent advertising overload!
4. Bing at #2
Coming up quickly, we see Bing making it to the number two spot this year, just behind Google as a top search engine. Bing’s quick and reliable search makes it easy for users to navigate the web and their marketing strategy far surpasses competitors who use to hold strong to the top positions.
5. New web development
With new technology in web programming and coding, we predict you’ll have the opportunity for more interactive online in the coming year. We’re envisioning 3D websites, more video and photos that viewers can personally interact with, not to mention live video chatting.
6. More banks adding mobile
As the need for convenience continues to consume us, we predict a rise in mobile banking applications in 2012 but not just from your national banks, but community and local banks as well. In fact, mobile banking demonstrated 10% market penetration within the past two years.
7. Multi-level Design
The separation between print and interactive continues to grow thin and in 2012 we see more cross-platform compatibility moving in to play. In the realm of graphic design, it’s not just about designing for print anymore; you need to consider web, television and even mobile. Making a design fit multiple platforms this year will help it to expand across more mediums, reaching more of the target audience.
8. Make it green
The eco-movement grows more and more with each year but in 2012 we predict a trend in people moving past just recycling in the office and think more outside of the box when it comes to keeping out planet green. If you’re looking to put another foot on the eco-movement and helping this trend succeed, consider printing on recycled paper or switching from water bottles to a water cooler in 2012.
9. New social media
Yes, it’s possible. There is a social media world outside of Facebook and Twitter and we see it having more of an impact as 2012 continues. Pinterest stands as a great example of a social media platform already gaining an impressive audience and buzz among social media users. The trend this year will definitely be the quick to learn and quick to use social media. Pinterest is a winner because it takes literally no effort on the users part yet your still interacting with a social network; you simply look at photos for inspiration and ideas on any and all subjects imaginable. If you want, you can like, repin or add posts, otherwise you can just browse at leisure!
10. Subtle colors
Each year unveils a popular color palette. For example, according to, 2011’s color of the year was honeysuckle – uplifting and optimistic. For 2012, we envision the trend to fall with a more subtle color palette, maybe with a brown or slate hue as the color of the year. After all, this would go right along with the number eight trend – Make it green – by promoting earth tones.