Shawn Nesaw

David Wells, Jr. Marketing Specialist/Photographer

Running 26.2 miles is not something most people just decide to do and do it the next day. It requires time, dedication, preparing and training. I ran in the 36th Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday in Washington DC, along with over 20,000 other runners. Marathon training is long term and I applied the following strategies to my training:

  • Learning and recalling the strategies that worked and didn’t work for previous races.
  • Reading about marathons. This research tells me what my competitors are doing and tips for making my plan work.
  • Using a multitude of training exercises- lifting weights, swimming, biking, eating healthy, sleeping, stretching and more.
  • Focusing on the end goal- the great feeling of accomplishment after it’s over- to get me through the tough training times.
  • Having others keep me accountable and help me along the way.
I obviously work for A. Bright Idea Advertising and Public Relations; but I also work in the marketing and public relations department. What I know about marathon running and advertising for business’ is that success takes commitment. The commitment also involves trust in a plan. Using the right tools and strategies paired with a long term commitment will elevate a successful outcome – and that’s what I’m hoping for as I cross the finish line. I apply similar strategies to a clients marketing plan that I do for my training, as I identified above.
At A. Bright Idea, we handle clients’ advertising and provide suggestions to marketing plans to better their business. These include strategic plans, a variety of advertising including print, radio, television or outdoor, marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, posters, and business cards, planning events, social media and much more.
When we meet with clients, we oftentimes recommend a long-term plan that includes a variety of advertising platforms working in conjunction with each other to position and establish the business as a professional company—much like I apply multiple training exercises to my running plan.
Long-term advertising plans prove successful to most companies. Building a company’s brand and business takes time. Utilizing various advertising platforms also help businesses stay top of mind with consumers. At A. Bright Idea, we work from proven tools and strategies that have worked and haven’t worked for various industries and clients. We provide thorough research by reading articles and finding out what competitors are doing. We also focus on the clients’ end goal to get through the tough spots. All similar strategies that I applied to my marathon training.