Shawn Nesaw

Popular iPhone Apps

It seems that everyday someone new jumps on the iPhone or iPad bandwagon; talking about their new apps and the innovative and exciting capability they just acquired. Companies and agencies recognize this new medium to reach consumers, and some even created their own apps. But the true question is – how to do it effectively?
How can an organization reach their target audience through an app? It must be useful and optimize the brand all at the same time.
When contemplating the best way to launch an iPhone app, consider these suggestions to boost its success.
1) Clearly identify the target audience, and expectations
Like any marketing plan, identify the target audience and outline the expectations and objectives. Creating an app reaches an entirely new audience, and this form of mobile marketing is interactive, driven to cause consumers to act. Most importantly, do not confuse your wants with your target audience’s expectations. Ensure that your app clearly adheres to your brand.
2) Optimize your App’s Name
Recognize the importance of creating a concise name that communicates the purpose of your app to your target audience. Be clever and creative to cut through the static but hold true to what your app delivers.
Incorporate keyword phrases into description copy. Because pages get indexed within iTunes and then ranked by major search engines, do not use the app or company in the keyword descriptions. Utilize auto-suggested keywords since these optimize the search functionality.
3) Blog about it
Create buzz around the new app by blogging. Bloggers create a cyber environment that discusses the functions of the app, what it does and why they like it. Try and get ahead of the curve and start your own blogs before others begin writing about it. Create positive messaging and lay the groundwork for other bloggers and traditional media outlets.
4) Plan, Plan, Plan
Plan how to measure success of your app. Whether this involves financial success or overall awareness and recognition of your brand, a carefully crafted plan must be implemented and results monitored.
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