Remember when media was as simple as TV, radio and the newspaper? Today, it’s no longer just a few platforms in competition. In fact, here are some of the top media platforms competing for audience attention:

  • Television – 85 percent of American’s watch TV
  • Laptop/computer – 68 percent of American’s use a computer
  • Radio – 65 percent of American’s listen to the radio
  • Print (papers/magazines) – 61 percent of American’s read print media
  • Mobile – 55 percent of American’s consume media on their mobile device
  • Tablet – 28 percent of American’s consume media on their tablet device

* Source: http://www.americanpressinstitute.org/publications/reports/survey-research/personal-news-cycle/

That’s just a glimpse of what forms of media advertising are available. Now consider cable, satellite radio, Internet radio, online and website advertising, social media and more. It’s enough to make you cringe when thinking of the numerous methods available today to reach your audience. It’s also very easy for organizations to lose sight of their strategic focus when facing this increasingly fragmented advertising world. A business’ strategic approach needs to focus on their goals, their target audience and their methods of consumption, as well as a specific call-to-action that will impact that audience.

Developing an integrated and strategic communications approach, including multiple media touch points, as well as incorporating other forms of marketing and public relations allows businesses to create an impression with the audience by using fragmentation as an advantage. By focusing on the underlying goals and creating a specific and strategic approach, unique and targeted advertising opportunities exist to brand an organization and still maintain a reasonable budget.

In the instance of advertising, the point you should always consider before implementing a campaign – it’s better to buy 100 ads spread across five platforms reaching 50 percent of your audience if the total is 500,000 impressions than 100 ads on one platform reaching 75 percent of your audience if the total is 10,000 impressions. Taking into consideration consumer habits and consumption, having your campaign run in multiple forms of media may give the impression of a larger spend, hit the consumer on multiple platforms, and build the brand confidence by being included on media that the consumer already values or is loyal to.

Because of fragmentation, programmatic media buying driven by data continues to change media buying, pushes pricing and limits availability. We specifically combat this for clients by finding unique ways to break through that clutter while maximizing your budget, targeting the right audience for your goals and driving your key messages and calls-to-action for results.

If it’s time to evaluate your approach and ensure you’re using fragmentation to your advantage, call us for a marketing audit and analysis!




A. Bright Idea PRSA Award

A. Bright Idea celebrates industry recognition for its work with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day with a Public Relations Society of America National Capital Chapter Thoth Award for integrated communications.

“We’re so honored to be working with the DEA in promoting this important national initiative for collecting unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications, helping to keep them off the streets and out of the hands of our youth” says A. Bright Idea President, Anita A. Brightman. “With the results in for the fifth Take Back Day, we know that over two million pounds of prescription drugs have been collected by the DEA across the country. We’re proud that our integrated approach to this campaign along with the DEA Public Affairs Office, including public relations, graphic design, interactive and advertising services has supported this important effort.”

A. Bright Idea supports the DEA specifically with media planning and placement for each event, including national placements with the NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, AARP, Facebook and USA Today, as well as regional placements in all major markets, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Houston.

The PRSA National Capital Chapter Thoth Award recognizes public relations and communications excellence in campaigns and individual tactics, which clearly demonstrate the four tiers of effective public relations: research, planning, implementation and evaluation.