Shawn Nesaw

We at A. Bright Idea love Halloween. Not only do we enjoy being creative all year, but there’s something special that this season that allows us to reach a bit further and let the juices really flow. It’s a time where many businesses abandon traditional advertising messages and have a little fun. Halloween is an excuse for creatives, and even non-creative types, to dig deep and explore their inner evil (…I mean creative) genius.
In the spirit of embracing creative advertising during the season, we invite you to check out some of the scary seasonal ads we love. Some are scary funny, while others are scary truths that take advantage of this time of year to enhance the organization’s key message and create a greater impact with the target audience.
Mall of America
We love the style and animation with the traditional spooky narration.
A festive continuation of a now iconic campaign.
Just a normal commercial with a hilarious twist at the end, making every woman laugh and every man sigh.

A retro look back at the McNuggets circa 1989 as they celebrate Halloween with Ronald.

Thank goodness M&M’s don’t really look like this! But the Thriller dance is a good rendition.

Although we like the vampire version (remember Dracula likes to “eat the peanut butter first…ha ha ha ha!”), Reece’s still knows how to capture the spirit – and lets just say it, they are one of the best candies to get in your bag!

Keep darks their darkest! This ad was designed by Euro RSCG Puerto Rico. (In collage below)
You may think, “what is so scary about this?” Take another look (vampire fans will appreciate the subtle effect). We also love the dark side of this creative. (In collage below)

Halloween Advertising

Additional ads from collage above:
Dentist Grim Reaper Ad
Dexter Hanibal Ad
Burger King Chucky
Developers and piracy
Screamfest Cinema
Hand Gel Subway