Shawn Nesaw

Does your brand have your business down in the dumps? When was the last time you talked to your brand? Do you often fight with your brand?  Is your brand getting a little long in the tooth?  Maybe your not as satisfied with what your brand once did for you?
A brand is a beautiful thing, don’t ruin it because you are caught up running the day-to-day business operations and just don’t have the time.   Brands need a lot of attention, and sometimes shiny things. If you don’t treat it right, you may lose it to one of your competitors.   Here are some suggestions to get back on track from A. Bright Idea.
1) We’ll spy on your brand from afar:
To really understand the estranged relationship with your brand, we have to follow it.  We’ll tail it to see where it’s going and where it’s been. Who is your brand talking to? Has your brand been bad? Is it speaking to the wrong people? How is your brand showing itself off? Often times, it’s not pretty. Brands get desperate for attention, start mingling with the wrong crowds, and it gets ugly.
2) We’ll plan an intervention:
After gathering as much dirt about your brand as we can, we plan a course of action to stop that bad behavior. Most brands know what they’re doing wrong but don’t see the change coming. It’s a delicate situation that requires the utmost thought and preparation.
3) We’ll confront your brand:
This is awkward. We’ve found your brand in a bad neighborhood, in some guys’ home who doesn’t even care. We’re quietly waiting outside when we suddenly burst in to confront the situation. The camera crews and bright lights expose what is only to be described as a horrifying graphic scene. Your brand is wearing all the wrong things, in all the wrong positions, and is somehow shocked. Your heart breaks but this is ground zero.
4) Change:
We’ll walk you through the changes you and your brand need to make. Tell your brand you’re sorry and disappointed. We’ll get your brand back in the right clothes, show it all the right places, and change its attitude. This is where you’ll really start to see a difference. We’ll do it together so that you understand the change.
5) We’ll have a follow-up counseling session to see how things are going. Sometimes we put a tracker on your brand’s ankle. Sounds extreme but we just have to make sure it’s staying true to you by walking the right paths. More often than not, that brand is now impressing you everyday and we have the proof.
A relationship with your brand is a constant effort. It’s hard work but with our guidance, we’ll keep that fire burning bright. You’ll feel like you’re with a whole new brand! It’s smoking hot, to you and all your friends.
A. Bright Idea is an award winning advertising and public relations firm located in Bel Air, Maryland and Sonoma, California specializing in verbal and visual communication.  We don’t proclaim to have all the answers, only a strategic process for defining your brand and keeping your businesses marketing objectives on track.