Shawn Nesaw

David Wells, Jr. Marketing Specialist/Photographer

Retail businesses realize this time of year as a major key to their financial success. As stores compete for consumers’ attention with holiday advertising campaigns, the campaigns range from utilizing a feel-good angle or humor. Others aren’t very smart, while  some appeal to different age groups. Looking at television advertising campaigns, we’ve analyzed each one and provided some personal insight to their campaign efforts. After all, this topic allows us to combine two things we’re passionate about at A. Bright Idea – advertising and the holidays!
Target: Shopping lunatic/Done
You’ve likely all seen the Maria Bamford series Target debuted in 2010. It was so successful and memorable they brought it back for this year’s Black Friday promotion and continued through the holiday shopping season. The ad series features a ‘shopping lunatic’ who prepares herself for the madness holiday shopping brings. The ads are funny, memorable, well-branded and remain one of our favorite holiday campaigns.
Watch a montage of the Shopping Lunatic and Greeting Card Jingle:

This year, Target also utilizes a ‘Done’ theme, letting consumers know they have Target to help them get things finished for the holidays. Showcasing televisions, greeting cards, lights, cookies, and other potential gift ideas and holiday necessities, everything gets crossed off the list. This ad does a great job letting consumers know Target is a one-stop-shop for any holiday checklist.

Best Buy: Game On, Santa.
Best Buy, the electronics giant for holiday gifts, decided to take on Santa Claus this year through their advertising campaign. The ads are humorous, featuring moms who are proud of their holiday purchases telling Santa he’s too late and they don’t need him. Smart idea? We don’t think so. Who are these ads targeting? Most moms, which seems to be the target audience, would want to uphold the Santa figure for their children as long as possible, not challenge him. The ads make us worry what little kids think of seeing their mom kick a Santa statue off a roof, smashing it on the ground. What do you think of the campaign taking on Santa Claus?
Game On Santa:

Game On Santa 2:

Game On Santa 3:

Lexus: December to Remember Music
The Lexus holiday campaign features a ‘familiar’ Lexus jingle hinting to listeners they are receiving a new car for Christmas. The ads are well done and memorable, offering an undertone of showing appreciation for your loved ones. A problem remains, with these ads, Lexus is challenging the perception that luxury cars don’t make good gifts, and people buy them for family members this time of year. Also, will people really associate the jingle they hear with getting a new Lexus? Not likely. Perhaps the appeal sways toward current Lexus owners. If you’re a Lexus consumer, does this commercial work for you?
December to Remember:

John Lewis: For gifts you can’t wait to give
Most American’s probably haven’t seen this ad by the UK department store, John Lewis. The heart-wrenching ad, especially for those who have kids, has an unexpected ending making viewers appreciate the real meaning of the holiday season. As one of the most shared holiday videos on YouTube this month, this is a top holiday campaign.
John Lewis Gifts: