Shawn Nesaw

Katie Mercado
Katie Mercado, Junior Marketing Specialist

I can’t say I hold an allegiance to any small town roots, but I do love to shop at boutiques and enjoy the personal touch of the ma and pa shop. The best perk – I always end up with products and experiences that are one of a kind!
The shop on the corner or the store down the street – have you ever thought about how many small, local businesses there are right around you ever day? You can always find a big box store, but the missing link continues to be customer service with a personal touch.
Small businesses maintain the power to bring communities together – neighbors supporting neighbors – and everyone benefiting from the fruits of hard work and collaborative efforts. That sounds nice, you may say, but what are the economic benefits? Here are some important points to consider:

  • You’re helping boost your town’s economy – more money stays in the pocket of the business owner and employees, meaning cheaper prices for you
  • The ability to form trusting relationships – you’ll feel more confident in your purchases and spend less time worrying if you’re just another number to the big chain
  • Satisfaction of supporting neighbors – when you support your local business owners, they support you back by providing the best, looking out for your interest
  • Back to the root of business – small businesses are often number two to the big box stores, which means they’re always working above and beyond, on top of their game, to try to make an impression

Now you’re convinced but need to know how to make the change. We’ve found that solution too!  A viral Buy Local campaign known as The 3/50 Project has set a challenge for consumers to visit three different small businesses each month and spend $50 at each. This slowly transitions you into the buy local state of mind, while also allowing you to try a variety of small businesses in your area and hopefully experience some new and exciting shops.
So give it a try! Buy local, support small businesses in your backyard and be an integral part of helping communities succeed, even during tough economic times.