Cobey Dietrich

If you feel inspired to celebrate Boss’s Day on October 16, it’s likely because your supervisor is a true leader and not just a boss.

While National Boss’s Day, or National Boss Day as originally named, began in 1958 when a woman working for her father at his insurance office wanted to designate a day for employees to show appreciation and recognize the hard work of their supervisors, we hope to inspire true leaders and not just bosses today.

There are important differences between a leader and a boss:

  • A leader provides employees with the skills and tools to accomplish the task; a boss dictates how to do the task.
  • A leader puts the attention on the team; a boss makes herself the center of attention.
  • A leader earns respect; a boss demands it.
  • A leader gives up time and credit to help others; a boss requires sacrifice from others and takes the credit.
  • A leader builds others up; a boss climbs over others to get to the top.

Those leadership traits describe our Brightest Light, Founder and CEO Anita Brightman. Working alongside Anita for the past 15 years, her mentoring has not only led to my personal and professional growth, but also guided my own leadership approach. By helping others find happiness in their careers so they truly love what they do, our clients, employees and our entire A. Bright Idea family reap the rewards.

Her leadership traits don’t end here at the agency. I’ve watched her give personal time to mentor young entrepreneurs and others in our profession through the Public Relations Society of America’s College of Fellows. In doing so, her reputation as a leader continues to flourish as everyone jumps at the chance to work with Anita and seek her expert input.
From our perspective, the greatest gift an employee can give on Boss’s Day is to exemplify those qualities a leader has poured into you. At A. Bright Idea, our team embraces and exudes leadership on client projects and work with colleagues – that’s something we celebrate every day.
Take time today, and every day, to thank those in your life who embody leadership qualities, not just your boss, but all those who seek to guide and inspire by putting leadership into action.