Shawn Nesaw

If A. Bright Idea had a middle name, ‘collaboration’ would’ve landed in bold, permanent marker on its birth certificate 20 years ago. An ever-evolving industry with continuously expanding offices, collaboration remains at our core, working together to bring the most unique and creative marketing solutions to our clients.

From Bel Air, Maryland to Sonoma, California, no task is completed alone. The hands and creative minds touching each project bring a unique twist to every piece produced, and it’s all because of the relationships we build within our office walls, or lack thereof.

The reality of it is this: some weeks, we spend more time with our coworkers than we do our own families. So, it’s simply inevitable that whether you see it as a blessing or a bad episode of the Brady Bunch, your colleagues become an extension of your family.
And while progressive, we’ve seen studies address whether open workspaces are actually beneficial when it comes to fueling creativity and developing a positive work culture among the team. Many argue open work environments are creatively limiting, as some feel discouraged by the idea of sharing authentic views and opinions because of the anticipated reaction from more experienced team members.

Open offices can act as a feeding ground for pet peeves. You hear every sniffle of your coworker’s cold, every last bite of your colleague’s lunch and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, your awareness of your desk mate’s every move becomes so heightened that you can practically hear them blink. At the end of the day, though, open workspaces allow strong and positive relationships to form between you and the very person who answered the phone at a record-breaking decibel just a few minutes ago.

So, when it comes to running a business or working for one with an open floor plan, it’s important to know the possibilities that can come as an added benefit, as long as you place yourself in the right mindset.

Our team bounced a few ideas off of our nonexistent cubical walls and determined the following pros far outweigh any cons. With an open workspace, you’re awarded the opportunity to:

  • Get to know your manager’s expectations
  • Share ideas with one another
  • Establish stronger bonds, leading to stronger collaboration
  • Understand the strengths of a diverse team
  • Support your colleagues
  • Find quick solutions
  • Become a team

At A. Bright Idea, we truly see one another as members of our family, and we welcome the idea of forming bonds to build trust – bonds which ultimately create the foundation for the creative work we produce. Only good can come from a work environment comprised of individuals on whom you can confidently depend to help your ideas flourish.

Placing the right mix of staff with diverse strengths and personalities helps cultivate this family mentality, and though we understand the concept may not serve the needs of every industry, business or organization, we view our open workspace as a key element in the formula for success.

What are your thoughts on open workspaces? Share with us in the comment section below!