PR professional rated top job in 2011

The A. Bright Idea PR process consists of research, planning, implementation and evaluation.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for during the holiday season – health, family, signs of economic recovery. However, for public relations (PR) professionals, we are just a little bit thankful to be ranked among the Top 50 Careers for 2011, according to U.S. News.

Sounds a little cheeky I know, but us PR folks are so often the butt of jokes and recipients of fun nicknames, like “spin doctors,” that we don’t often receive positive recognition – well that is to say recognition that we ourselves don’t develop collectively and release to all of our well groomed media contacts.

All kidding aside, at A. Bright Idea we take our client’s goals and objectives seriously – developing strategy with a foundation in thorough research, the identification and analysis of a target audience’s preferences, lifestyles and needs, and campaign implementation aimed to give an audience a clear understanding of the benefits in subscribing to our client’s services or expertise.

With a media landscape changing by the minute and an expectation from consumers to receive information 24-hours a day, it’s no wonder the Financial Times recently reported “A good PR consultant is worth the money.” The combination of traditional media and social media means companies’ communications efforts make or break reputations and bottom lines.

The mysterious world of PR can be a little bit ambiguous, so we thought it might be helpful to share some insight into our world and what we really do in the public relations realm.

·       Media relations – using mechanisms such as news releases and targeted pitches to garner the attention of specific media to talk about your business, event or timely information

·       Community outreach – for connecting with your target audiences on a personal level, sharing ideas and practices, engaging the audiences to take action

·       Public affairs support – communicating with the target audience about important happenings that could affect them

·       Crisis and risk management – helping you to avoid crisis or overcome a problem, maintaining the loyalty of your public(s)

·       Corporate relations and consulting – helping businesses build their message, vision and mission, while also providing support for initiatives and practices connecting with stakeholders

·       Event planning – logistical and creative planning for corporate, private or nonprofit events, including budgeting, advertising and marketing the event to the public

·       Strategy planning – developing an approach for communication needs, including social media, action plans and initiative campaigns

The Financial Times goes on to state “Impressions are important. Recruiting help to navigate the complex world of online and traditional media, and “curate” your message, is probably a worthwhile expense for both large and small businesses – as long as you find the right adviser.”

How do you start to find a good advisor? Consider hiring someone accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America. Our president and founder, Anita Brightman, believes so strongly in firm strategy behind our PR practices that she earned her Accreditation in Public Relations, or APR, offering her clients recognized expertise in implementing a successful communications campaign.

While it could take many forms, traditional or social, this year, consider the importance of public relations to your bottom line and resolve to partner with a strong and trusted practitioner.

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