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I remember wondering early in my career, as blogs emerged, how many people would really undertake the responsibility of writing and maintaining a website devoted to their own musings or watchdog tactics, and how many blogs would keep readers’ interest. Of course, anonymity was a plus, but could bloggers really develop a loyal following?

More than 12 years after the introduction of the blogosphere, blogs are alive and well as bloggers create niches and everyone from corporate executives to mom and pop at the shop on Main Street begin to grasp the value of starting a dialogue and engaging multiple viewpoints.

Technorati tracked more than 112 million blogs in 2008, which provides a pretty succinct answer to my one-time question about who would carry the blog flame throughout cyberspace. And of course, blogs have loyal followers as evidenced by commenters and repeat commenters. It’s still difficult to track the exact demographic of loyal blog readers, yet highly targeted topics and analytic software can track hits and impressions.

Now, other technology makes it increasingly easy for us to share blogs that we read regularly and even those that we stumble upon and want to share. Sure, we can subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed to catch up on our RSS Reader or sign up for email notifications when a new post is made. But with the integration of more than one million websites on the Facebook Platform – including two-thirds of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites according to Facebook – receiving updates on new blog posts as part of your news feed or sharing via the Like button nails the “touch it once” rule suitable for both organizing your desk and managing a busy social media network.

Around the agency, we value blogs on industry news and cutting-edge trends. We’re inspired by art techniques and the clever integration of the verbal and visual because it’s what we do! We also appreciate the quirky and downright creative. Enjoy a few of our favorites and look forward to exploring a few of yours.

Social Media Todaysocialmediatoday.com

Useful nuggets of info on social media that we can implement immediately plus valuable resources too

Message With A Bottlemessagewithabottle.tumblr.com

A freelance writer turned stay-at-home dad armed with a pen, post-it notes and hysterical observations about “the kid.”

Beast Pieces, Blog of Studio on Fire – www.beastpieces.com

Hybrid design and letterpress concepts from the Studio on Fire workspace in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dralin Design Co. – www.draplin.com

Satirical approach to the daily life of designers who love what they do

Stuff No-One Told Me –  stuffnoonetoldme.blogspot.com

Comic strip-style blog with new lesson or saying for each day

All Businesswww.allbusiness.com

Compilation of bloggers on business intelligence, small business, finance, operations, sales and technology

Catalogue Livingcatalogliving.tumblr.com

“A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.”

Daily Hellerwww.printmag.com/dailyheller

Commentary on graphic design pieces from industry expert, Steven Heller


A blog about anything and everything design

Woot! The Blog –  www.woot.com/blog

Information on technology and technology based products

Designer Dailywww.designer-daily.com

Design inspiration and resources for industry professionals

Think Designthinkdesignblog.com

Designer blog with freebies, resources and inspiration

The Daily Reckoningdailyreckoning.com

A veteran blog, giving advice for how to live well in uncertain times

Felt & Wirewww.feltandwire.com

Impressions from the paper-obsessed


Better living through technology

A List Apartwww.alistapart.com

Critical thinking, industry trends and fantastic tutorials for designing on the web

DC Radio and Televisiondcrtv.com

Information/gossip on the media scene

Simply Recipessimplyrecipes.com

Food blog for easy meals–beautiful pics too!

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