Hello 2011

Casey Hawes, Graphic/Interactive Designer, Illustrator

Hey 2011. It’s nice to meet you. I know we’ve only known each other a week, but I was hoping to ask you a few personal questions.

First, what kind of year do you see yourself being? Are you the energetic and fun-filled year we all hope you’ll be? Being the second year born in a decade long family, what lessons would you learn from your older brother 2010? I hope it involves less Snooki & Twilight.

Will you be the year that brings Baltimore another NFL Championship? That would certainly be a great start! Are you the year that will get the O’s back to .500? It’s a feat that none of your 2000’s relatives could achieve.

Oh and when you get older, have a mid-life crisis late in the summer, bring back football season like years previous so we still think you’re cool. Some say you won’t but I have faith in you.

If you could date any other year, who would it be? Last decade had some hotties. ’09 was literally the hottest. ’82 had some thrills. 2008 was full change. 2001 turned out to be a downer. Maybe you’re into the older years. 1776 was very independent. ’69 was very adventuresome.

There’s a lot of hype and expectations for you 2011. The entire world had a celebration at your birth! You may have noticed.

Well ‘11, I’m sure you will be filled with production and creativity so that we can grow our bright ideas during your tenure in the office of time.


A. Bright Idea

P.S. Will your younger brother 2012 really bring an end to all things? It’d be nice if you could talk him out of it. Thanks ’11.

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