Cari Ashkin

Gadgets All Around: Our Team Members’ Favorite ABI Tools

Cari Ashkin

By: Maddie BrightmanGadgets

In our world of creativity and innovation, our bright lights rely on a number of gadgets to bring the ideas into reality. While some prefer the traditional tools, others show their love for unconventional and modern devices. We surveyed members of the A. Bright Idea team and present some of their favorite contraptions.


Teri Kranefeld, Senior Communications Specialist & Public Affairs Manager: The Purple A. Bright Idea Pen

Like her fellow marketing colleagues, Teri loves the simple, but necessary purple A. Bright Idea pen. You can find any A. Bright Idea team member with this trusty sidekick attached to a spiral notebook. Teri uses her purple pen for editing the old fashioned way and adding a little purple to everything!

Rob Jeffers, Interactive Programmer: Lava Lamp

It is no secret that we love lights, lamps and light bulbs! Rob has the opportunity to use some of A. Bright Idea’s most interesting gadgets, however he loves his desk’s lava lamp the most. Perfectly branded for A. Bright Idea, this lava lamp has purple water and a silver base and helps keep the creative juices flowing!

Eric Bach, Multimedia Specialist and Designer: Wacom Cintiq Tablet

This gadget is so loved, we have multiple! This tablet allows for a seamless transition from sketching to refinement. Eric finds this tool helpful with digital painting, storyboarding and photo manipulation. Perfect for adding a fine art touch to any project, our Graphics team uses it for custom type, hand lettering, exhibit-models and logo designs.

Wacom Cintiq Tablet

Lissa Tilley, Executive Assistant: The Master iPad

Lissa Tilley can often be found carrying the brain of the office, the master iPad. With this iPad Lissa is able to control all of the music and televisions in the office, and can even create welcome screens to greet clients. When we need a late afternoon pickup and change in the tunes, Lissa and the master iPad are our go-to!

T.J. Brightman, Vice President of Client Relations: Recording Studio

With a degree in broadcasting and history in radio, T.J. was the momentum behind developing our on-site recording studio. Customized with purple and silver soundproofing foam, it’s ideal for recording radio spots and various voiceover projects. You can often find Eric in the “bat cave,” otherwise known as the editing suite, working on video projects and perfecting our clients’ latest commercials.



Jura Capresso Coffee Maker:

It is no secret that our team enjoys a little caffeine boost. Our multiple Jura Capresso machines are responsible for keeping our team alert and ready for any creative challenge. You can often find staff hovering over the machine waiting for their turn to brew their perfect cup and praying that the “decalcify” alert doesn’t pop up. This gadget is easily used most frequently throughout the day!

Cameras, Cameras and more Cameras:

Whether it’s the trusty XLR, Cannon 7D DSLR or the Cannon XA10 video camera, we’re huge fans of photography and video equipment. Our offices house a variety of video and still-shot cameras that we use for client projects ranging from headshots to web videos, to television commercials and more.

Chad’s Gym:

Why join a gym when you can work out in one designed by our own CFO, Chad Mitchell? Our staff enjoys working out before, during and after work in our fully stocked gym with free weights, cardio equipment, a smith machine, large flat screen TV and full private shower.

Unlimited Ice Cream and Candy:

Technically, this isn’t a gadget, but it’s certainly one of the favorite perks of A. Bright Idea. Whether its coffee, ice cream or candy, we have enough sugar and caffeine to please all! The fully stocked (and custom branded) freezer satisfies a sweet tooth and serves as a great pick me up for the non-coffee lover. Who can turn down popsicles, Klondike bars, drumsticks, chocolate covered bananas and a wide array of fruity or chocolate candy from the candy bar? Staff, clients and visitors are always appreciative of this little treat!

With gadgets and perks like these, our unique work environment provides the right balance of fun and focus to keep our creative and innovative brains flowing for our clients!

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