February Top 10 – Technologies We Love


Today, we salute 10 technologies we swoon over and can’t live without. Simply said, we heart you and couldn’t live without you!


1. Smart phones

At A. Bright Idea, we truly appreciate the iPhone and Android abilities to stay connected, the endless social media capabilities (for FourSquare mayoral battles) and the organization and support, including the new Siri application for iPhone and Google connections with Droid.


2. Bluetooth headphones

For work and workout junkies, Bluetooth now allows our smart phones to connect in our cars and our headphones to listen to Pandora while you run or take phone calls, not to mention your car and headphones will now read you text messages when they come in. It’s multitasking at its best!


3.  Tablet

With a tablet you can watch a movie, read a book, check social media, browse photos, write a report, play games and more. Better yet, this technology fits into any small space and can entertain children and adults alike for hours.


5. WiFi

No excuses anymore now that everywhere provides free WiFi. No matter your location, you can check email, social media or browse the web with ease.


6. Augmented reality

Imagine holding your phone up to a photo and a video automatically starts playing or a doctor practicing a surgery as if it were real life through a computer-generated sensory program. With this technology we can now experience a real-world environment virtually.


7. 3D at your fingertips

Like a 3D movie at the theater in your living room, televisions with 3D technology make watching movies and gaming a real experience. Harnessing 3D technology for other applications, like websites and animations, makes it hard to miss the message!


8. Video conferencing

Staying connected face-to-face has never been so easy, and coast-to-coast creative meetings have never been so productive, thanks to iChat, FaceTime, GoTo Meetings and Skype!


9. Search Engines

You know you’re getting the best when Google, Yahoo and Bing are fighting to come out on top with the latest, greatest and fastest in search engine technology, not to mention the new competitors released each month. This is especially important considering the how often we use search daily. Imagine finding information without it! We also rely on search technology for optimizing website content so you generate better results for your site.


10. Peer-to-Peer Gaming

Even with a busy schedule, peer-to-peer gaming such as Words with Friends or Hanging with Friends allows a little entertainment at anytime. Looks like this technology is replacing the traditional “game night” but with the same old-fashioned competiti

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