Shawn Nesaw

A strong brand can sell just about anything

Glee Gum. I kid you not; this is real! The makers of Doublemint and Trident developed a peppermint, Chiclet-style gum, to capitalize on the brand success of the widely popular television show, Glee.
Trying to make a connection between gum and a group of teenagers who sing and dance to top 40 songs at school on a daily basis?  Stop looking. The creators of Glee elevated the concept above and beyond the show and created a brand centered on a lifestyle that can be fixed by singing and dancing – what’s not to love? Plus, Glee fans are loyal. They feel connected to the cast, the songs, the drama, and the Glee branded merchandise as well.
The point here – expanding a business, whether service or product based, must start at the foundation with the brand. A strong brand can essentially motivate moods, perceptions and actions because a strong brand maintains trust, confidence and loyalty among its followers.
Of course, it takes a lot to gain that strength and remain strong amongst competitors in an ever-changing consumer environment. A strong brand isn’t just about a nice logo, big building or long history. A brand grows based on the strategic use of communication tactics and how the brand is positioned to the target audience and the emotional connection it generates.

Before jumping into your next initiative or big plan, take a step back and ensure you have a clear brand that won’t be diluted. With a strong and solid foundation, your idea can take off with more force, providing the results you’re looking for.
(By the way, if it were Grey’s Anatomy gum, I would jump on the train. I think the name McDreamy Mint sounds delicious!)