Shawn Nesaw

A. Bright Idea shines a light on its culture of collaboration

As a creative agency, A. Bright Idea has always employed an environment that promotes ingenuity grounded in strategic thinking. Anyone who knows A. Bright Idea knows the process involves bringing in members of creative teams to contribute on any and every project. It’s a common approach expressed when meeting with new clients and in discussing the agency’s core values, but how to demonstrate this visually?

The agency unveiled the A. Bright Idea Hive, with its soft walls and simple distinction of visual and verbal teams. The Hive showcases the collaboration between the two components essential to a good communication strategy – the visual and verbal. There is a constant need to cross among the two to create the best solutions to any communication challenge. It’s the foundational approach for A. Bright Idea, now communicated visually for those familiar or unfamiliar with the agency to gain a better understanding of its philosophy of considering all elements for good communication. The Hive also details the specific work site locations of team members, whether east or west coast, as well as provides information regarding the unique circumstances for several staff members, who provide on-site contract support for government clients.

Since 1996, A. Bright Idea has provided award-winning service to a diverse client base through a unique strategy, developing creative and effective communications focused on the comprehensive needs for each organization. The agency employed smart and strategic growth over the years – from the beginning with one sole practitioner, to the now bustling team of 37 professionals offering the benefit of multi-disciplined talent. The team, comprised of diverse backgrounds, promotes this “culture of collaboration” among its experts in each sector: marketing, advertising, public relations, graphics and web design.
As A. Bright Idea continues to grow and evolve, the agency announced elevated roles for many team members to help guide this innovative structure. Below you will find a complete list of promotions within the organization:

Cobey Dietrich
Over the 10 luminous years Cobey has been part of the team, A. Bright Idea has proudly flourished, due in part to her leadership, commitment and dedication. Now, with her advancement to the position of executive vice president of verbal and visual communications, Cobey serves as the central point between the dynamic A. Bright Idea teams. Previously vice president of advertising and PR, Cobey creates strategic communications solutions for both commercial and government clients. Her firm grasp on planning, branding and managing will be a continued asset to the entire A. Bright Idea team.

Melissa Mauldin
A. Bright Idea celebrates Melissa Mauldin’s promotion to vice president of verbal communications. Previously, as director of advertising and PR, Melissa provided leadership to the team, delivering discerning marketing guidance to clients in developing campaigns, product promotions, brand collateral and strategic planning and outreach. Since joining A. Bright Idea in 2008, Melissa’s enthusiasm and commitment has served as the catalyst for the verbal team, delivering effective marketing solutions across a wide array of clientele. Her promotion means sustained leadership excellence and a continued exhibition of attentiveness and creativity that is sure to illuminate A. Bright Idea.

Katie MacNichol
To assist in providing leadership to the verbal team, Katie MacNichol advances to director of advertising. Since joining the A. Bright Idea team in 2008, Katie MacNichol has provided model advertising, marketing and strategic planning support to the verbal team. In her roles as marketing specialist and, most recently, assistant director of advertising and PR, Katie’s strategic mindset allowed for expert planning and management of various commercial and government projects. As director of advertising, Katie oversees all media planning and placement efforts, working directly with the visual team on creative development. Katie holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from Johns Hopkins University.

Teri O’Neal
Teri O’Neal provides leadership for A. Bright Idea’s PR efforts as the new director of public relations and serves as the team lead for the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity’s Recovered Chemical Materiel Directorate (RCMD). In 2014, Teri joined A. Bright Idea as a senior communications specialist and public affairs manager, affording the team expert knowledge in crisis communications, media relations and community engagement. Now, in her position as director of PR/RCMD team lead, Teri will spearhead all outreach programs, as well as continue her exemplary work for A. Bright Idea’s longstanding government work and RCMD connection.

Brian Lobsinger
A. Bright Idea is pleased to announce Brian Lobsinger’s advancement to director of visual communications for West Coast operations. Brian’s unique, multidisciplinary perspective has served as an asset to the A. Bright Idea team since joining the agency in January 2015. His promotion means a sustained focus on inspired design, strategic web development and enhanced user experience. Prior to joining A. Bright Idea, Brian ran his own design firm, and most recently, was the senior web developer at Flannel, Inc.

Lisa Condon
Lisa Condon’s leadership has been a driving factor in mentoring A. Bright Idea’s award-winning design team. Her aptitude for print design, page layout, brand development and project management for environmental design and displays, allows her to excel above client expectations. A true asset to A. Bright Idea and its clients, Lisa will continue to lead, now serving as director of visual communications for the firm’s East Coast operations.

Meg O’Hara
A. Bright idea is proud to announce Meg O’Hara’s promotion to communications specialist. Since joining the team in 2014, Meg has positively supported A. Bright Idea, making significant contributions to the agency through her creative problem-solving and project management abilities. Her social media expertise, coupled with her passion for providing creative solutions, has offered clients dedicated planning, media relations and strategic advertising campaigns.

Eric Bach
Eric Bach continues his exceptional work at A. Bright Idea in his promotion to multimedia specialist/video production team lead. Eric graduated from Stevenson University with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication design, and in 2010, joined the A. Bright Idea team to deliver stunning multimedia creative for the benefit of government and commercial clients. As multimedia specialist, Eric provides print design, photography, video production and editing, animation, custom illustrations and interactive creative solutions for compelling marketing and advertising campaigns.

Robyn Hicks
A. Bright Idea congratulates Robyn Hicks in her promotion to graphic design specialist. After graduating from Towson University with a bachelor’s degree in digital fine arts and design, Robyn joined A. Bright Idea in 2015 as an integral part of the visual communications team. In her new role, Robyn provides A. Bright Idea’s commercial and government clients with inspired design solutions to meet their specific campaign objectives.