At A. Bright Idea, we have a comprehensive understanding of the specialized communication needs in what can often be complex.

Our team develops communication tools to convey information accurately, succinctly and in an interesting way to capture attention and generate impact. Clients rely on us to decipher data and technical information, conveying it in a way that appeals to the identified audience. Whether explaining detailed chemical weapons disposal or remediating manufacturing contamination, our experts provide support that exceeds client expectations.


Our team designed and developed DuPont’s Pompton Lakes Works Remediation Project Information Center to provide visitors with information about their remediation efforts. We also provided graphic design services for their Peregrine Falcon campaign, Brevard P.E.T. Program and similar community outreach efforts.

U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity

Our team manages all graphics related activities for the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity (CMA) with its in-house graphics design team. We also support all public outreach activities for the Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Project, a division of CMA, and Stockpile related activities.

Maryland State Highway Administration Bladensburg Archaeology

After conducting in-depth research, we created a website that incorporated video, audio, interactive maps, photo slideshows and an interactive gallery to bring historically accurate renderings of Bladensburg history to life. In commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of The War of 1812, this website features interactive maps, timelines, paintings and an interactive video recount of the battle, engaging the viewer thus increasing the time they spend on the site.

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