Who needs the Electoral College when we have Twitter?

In today’s massive information-age (and information-crave) it’s no wonder that new data processing tools are becoming increasingly available and geared toward politics. With the upcoming election, Twitter is offering a new tool to track which presidential candidate is trending ahead or trailing behind on a daily basis. Watch out traditional research firms, Twitter is headed even further into that big data arena.

Communication – Then and Now

As pundits and communication theorists discuss the era of media fragmentation and Web 2.0 – is there really a difference with how we communicate now versus then? While there are definitely more available options in technology now, in considering the true nature of how and why we use a medium to communicate, isn’t it all based on the same foundation of exchanging of a thought, message or information? Are the “innovators” of the day really pioneers in communication? Or are they following the course of technology?

AutoCorrect – Are smartphones really that smart?

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re typing a message on your smartphone and it thinks it can read your mind and suggests a word incorrectly – leading to a misinterpreted and unintended message to the recipient. Do we really need this much “smart” technology? It’s designed to help us all move faster, but does it really help, or create more work?

The satisfied customer is a marketing strategy

Think about a good customer experience you’ve had: how elated you were and happy to share the news with your peers! In a world where we’re surrounded by negative-toned news, we often feel overjoyed when someone does something nice for us. In comparison, bad experiences can stick out in our minds more than not. In the world of social media, this can pose a problem to your business. Is your service adding up to match the promises made in your marketing messaging?

My love and hate of modern technology

Thanks to all the advancements in computers, cameras and the internet, you can take an unlimited amount of pictures, not worry about the cost of prints, and share over the internet via multiple social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs like this and more. However, modern technology may not be your friend for long when you have to download, edit and sort all of those photos.