December Top 10 – Holiday Movies

The holiday season brings out the best in American classics, with movies set decades past or those from recent years. This year’s December top 10 pays homage to the best of holiday movies from every generation.

October Top 10 – Halloween Candies

Last October we brought you the Top 10 Most Creative Halloween Costumes and we’re keeping the spooky spirit alive this year with A. Bright Idea’s Top 10 Halloween Candies. Share your favorite at or stop by our office for a treat from our purple candy bar!

Top 10 Fall Foods

The change in weather can be hard, but the sweet smells (and tastes) of fall are what make it one of the best times of year. Of course at A. Bright Idea we have our Top 10 Fall Foods and their delicious recipes. Here’s hoping your fall is full of your favorite traditions, shared with friends and family!

August Top 10 – Favorite TV Commercials

Every once in a while there’s a commercial that makes us laugh or cry harder than the show we’re watching. As true fans of creative, we’re sharing our top 10 favorite TV commercials. We hope you’ll laugh, cry and love them as much as we do!

Top 10 Overused Marketing Terms

We’ve all heard them – the marketing lingo and phrases that are anything but innovative. In hopes of helping you spot these overused marketing terms, we’re calling them out and providing some fresh alternatives to make your copy clear, concise and relevant.

Top 10 Yard Sale Finds

The summer months offer up the best unexpected discoveries in the form of yard sales. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So while some clean out their closets and garages, here’s a look at our top 10 yard sale inspirations.