Mobile in the Financial Industry – Takeaways from this year’s ABA Marketing Conference

The annual American Banker’s Association (ABA) Marketing Conference, held in Baltimore this year, focused largely on new technology; how it’s impacting customer preferences and transactions, and how banks are responding. As one might expect, mobile banking was a major point of discussion in how today’s customers are consuming information and interacting with each other and their banks. Not only are we adopting technology more quickly and readily, but banks are taking note.

AutoCorrect – Are smartphones really that smart?

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re typing a message on your smartphone and it thinks it can read your mind and suggests a word incorrectly – leading to a misinterpreted and unintended message to the recipient. Do we really need this much “smart” technology? It’s designed to help us all move faster, but does it really help, or create more work?