Baltimore Ad Week 2011

Baltimore Advertising Week gives us an excuse to talk about one of our favorite things in this town – advertising. After 15 years of working with small to mid-size businesses, government clients and non-profits struggling to get their message out, it’s refreshing to discuss new and innovative approaches with our peers downtown and experts from across the country alike.

Don’t count the holiday shopping deals as over yet; it’s Cyber Monday

While Black Friday allows stores to generate millions of dollars from the crazy amount of shoppers that bombard their stores, major retailers recently began to acknowledge the online shopping habits of their customers to get the real boost in revenue on Cyber Monday. Read how stores will generate over $887 million dollars today!

My love and hate of modern technology

Thanks to all the advancements in computers, cameras and the internet, you can take an unlimited amount of pictures, not worry about the cost of prints, and share over the internet via multiple social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs like this and more. However, modern technology may not be your friend for long when you have to download, edit and sort all of those photos.