Mobile in the Financial Industry – Takeaways from this year’s ABA Marketing Conference

The annual American Banker’s Association (ABA) Marketing Conference, held in Baltimore this year, focused largely on new technology; how it’s impacting customer preferences and transactions, and how banks are responding. As one might expect, mobile banking was a major point of discussion in how today’s customers are consuming information and interacting with each other and their banks. Not only are we adopting technology more quickly and readily, but banks are taking note.

Baltimore Ad Week 2011

Baltimore Advertising Week gives us an excuse to talk about one of our favorite things in this town – advertising. After 15 years of working with small to mid-size businesses, government clients and non-profits struggling to get their message out, it’s refreshing to discuss new and innovative approaches with our peers downtown and experts from across the country alike.

Top 10 Fall Foods

The change in weather can be hard, but the sweet smells (and tastes) of fall are what make it one of the best times of year. Of course at A. Bright Idea we have our Top 10 Fall Foods and their delicious recipes. Here’s hoping your fall is full of your favorite traditions, shared with friends and family!