Manipulating your mood to increase productivity

CBS Sunday Morning recently ran a segment on how design colors the mind, by exploring the “drunk tank pink” color in a visiting football team’s locker room.

Keeping Strategy in PR

Public relations require careful strategy to demonstrate information relevant to the audience. Implementing this strategy in a tactful and meaningful manor comes in the form of the newest PR buzzword – PESO – paid, earned, shared and owned media.

A breakdown of Twitter’s analytics feature

Twitter analytics are here! Learn your followers’ interests, understand your demographics and see which tweets work and don’t work with just the click of a button.

How to face a brand crisis

Strong public relations tactics are necessary to maintain the image of the individual or company including developing a crisis management plan prior to incidents, enabling a proactive response and controlling an organizations message.

Having it all – Just not at the same time

Sandberg’s stance on “having it all” doesn’t mean that all aspects of your life have the same prioritization. She notes, “We need more portrayals of women as competent professional and happy mothers – or even happy professionals and competent mothers.”